Our Vision and Mission


“You are moulded and prepared to be an officer simultaneously while learning the ways to pass the examination.”

Every Individual is blessed with potential and a quest for learning which is self-assessed realizing that they accept the challenge of succeeding in the Civil Services Examination. The success or unfortunate failure primarily depends on how much midnight oil does they burn but much depends on the quality of guidance and help in preparations by a mentor and teacher who himself has undergone the whole process successfully in the shortest possible time and the least number of attempts at it. We at BE AND BY IAS are committed not only to providing online and classroom guidance but also help the aspirants achieve their maximum potential and prepare for the examination. The focus is on not merely clearing the academic papers but also developing their overall personality under the guidance of a former IAS officer himself which helps them to deal with challenging situations like Personality tests and ultimately the journey of LIFE AS AN OFFICER. We at Be N By IAS are committed not only to providing online and classroom guidance but also help the aspirants achieve their maximum potential through well-structured preparations for the examination. The focus is not merely on clearing the academic papers but also on developing the personality and mindset expected of a top Civil Servant of the country under the direct personal guidance of a former IAS officer himself. The aspirants are put on the appropriate path in their pursuit of excellence both as a student in the earlier phase and later as a successful officer to serve the Nation to the best of their abilities and qualities with the highest standards of personal honesty and integrity. The syllabus of UPSC is very confined and precise but the coverage is highly extensive, which is focused on assessing not only the in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects but also the art of writing the answers with utmost precision. Our vision is to see the aspirants trained, guided and prepared by us at BE AND BY IAS joining the coveted Civil Services bypassing this tough but very much achievable hurdle
of Civil Services Examination with flying colours.


Civil services are not merely jobs, they carry with them lots of responsibilities and higher the job, higher is the responsibility”

In today’s world where materialism has taken over the values in society, it is high time to make our present and next generations realize the importance of being responsible, caring, welfare-oriented and ethical Civil Servants not merely aiming at the material perks that are associated with the services. It is our first and foremost responsibility as an Institute to guide and help the aspirants inculcate the values and discipline which are expected of an Officer of the Civil Services by the citizens of our great India as their future lies in the way the civil service functions. “You are the pioneers in the Indian Service, and the future of this service will depend much upon the foundation and traditions that will be laid down by you, by your character and abilities and by your spirit of service,”- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, 21st April 1947 (21st April is now Civil Services Day). Our MISSION is: To produce the best results and make the deserving achieve their goal. To prepare aspirants comprehensively to prepare them for this tough competition. To inculcate values, principles and positive attitude within the aspirants. To motivate working towards the important goal of serving the society in the best possible manner. To analyze the potential of every aspirant and make them understand their capabilities so that they realize and put to optimum use their true potential. To achieve success through their hard work, integrity, self-respect, professionalism and collaboration. Remember Sardar Patel’s exhortation "You must serve the people of our country to the best of your ability. Be fair, be polite and firm, prepare yourself well for the job in hand, and complete it successfully." “OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOU AN OFFICER FROM A STUDENT