Law Optional Course

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Categories Law Optional
  • Duration 800h
  • Last Update January 17, 2022

About Course

We at BE N BY IAS are committed not only to provide online and classroom guidance but also help the aspirants achieve their maximum potential and prepare for the examination. The focus is on clearing the academic papers and also developing their over all personality under guidance of former Civil Servants.


Law optional has the highest success ratio among all optional subjects with aspirants securing ranks among top Ten regularly. Due to overlapping and commonality with the syllabus of other GS papers even the aspirants with non law background stands a fairly high chance of success.

Law Optional

Choosing the optional subject for Civil Services Examination for the mains part is perhaps one of the most crucial and difficult tasks for the aspirant. It is the score in the optional which has a bearing on the final ranking and place in the merit list. Most of the serious aspirants put in almost the similar number of efforts in their preparation for the General Studies and Essay papers and hence their scores in those papers also do not vary much. It is the scores in the optional subject and later the personality test which finally get them their respective position in the final merit list and thus the rankings for determination of their position and the allotment of the service, if they are able to make it. One can now imagine how much difference the choice of optional subject will make in this, the most sought after and attempted examination of our country. It is important to make an in-depth analysis of the subject which is suggested to the aspirant by the experts who had once faced the similar dilemma but had chosen the most appropriate optional subject and came out successfully making it to the top rankings and the service of their choice. For this analysis to be more objective we have identified some factors which could be of great help in taking a rational, logical and beneficial decision. Going by our own personal experience and success stories well known to many we are of the definite opinion and strongly suggest ‘Law’ as one of the most appropriate optional subjects for this prestigious examination.

Some of these important factors are:


  • Relatively Small Size of Syllabus
  • Good scoring vis a vis Other Commonly Opted Subjects
  • High Success Ratio
  • Large Areas of Overlapping in many Topics of General Studies Papers
  • Improved Writing Skills and Application of Common Sense
  • General Preparations for GS through Daily Updates of Current Affairs
  • Knowledge of Law by Every Person is A Legal Presumption…Ignorance of Law is No Excuse for Anyone

Topics for this course

26 Lessons800h

17 Jan, 2022

State Jurisdiction, Extradition and Asylum1:53:40

14 Jan, 2022

13 Jan, 2022

12 Jan, 2022

11 Jan, 2022

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Material Includes

  • Class Duration 4-5 Months
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Live Online Classes
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Guest Lecture By Senior Judges
  • Covering Entire Syllabus
  • Revision Break (Saturday)
  • Weekly Regular Test on Sunday