BE N BY IAS Prelims 2022 Test Series

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Last Update January 17, 2022


25 TESTS (11 Micro + 8 Sectional + 6 Full Comprehensive Tests)

BE N BY IAS’S Prelims Test Series is an all-inclusive program to help the students to accommodate themselves to the UPSC Civil Services Exam Pattern. These mock tests have been prepared after careful analysis of previous years’ question papers and trends.

How This Test Series Works?

Basic Micro Tests: All subjects will be covered topic wise in these tests. The questions asked here will be mostly from NCERTs which will be tricky & factual one. It would help students to get an idea how to read a book and where you need to focus on the topics.

Advance Sectional Tests: These tests would be subject wise and would require preparing the full syllabus of the subject. The Tests will have advance and conceptual based lengthy questions. Along with traditional Subjects this also includes Economic Survey- Budget, and Indian year book Tests.

Full Comprehensive Tests: 6 comprehensive Tests are included on the UPSC pattern & trend covering all the subjects and current affairs section. This would be a mixture of questions from all subjects and of all kind of difficulty levels.

Special Features of the Test Series


  • UPSC Focused: The Prelims Test Series is UPSC focused and all-important topics of subjects have been covered. The questions are framed to improve the analytical and conceptual skills of the Aspirants and help them in developing the aptitude and tricks of solving Prelims questions correctly in the examination.
  • Flexible Approach: Test Series is framed by keeping in mind the time taken by aspirants in preparing a topic holistically. Tests are opened once the window open for a test and will continue till 5 June 2022. Tests can be attempted by students from the comfort of their home.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: All the important Old and New NCERTs, Standard Books, Newspapers, Magazines and Government sources are covered in the test series.
  • Innovative Assessment: Aspirants will get the properly evaluated results with comprehensive explanations and ranking in all India Leaderboard.
  • Number of Mock Tests: 25 TESTS= 11 Basic Micro Tests + 8 Sectional Tests (Including Economic Survey- Budget) + 6 Full Comprehensive Tests.

Topics for this course


Test-1 (Polity 1)

Material Includes

  • UPSC Focused
  • Flexible Approach
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Innovative Assessment
  • Number of Mock Tests