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J and K: One Year Since Revocation of Special Status (4 August 2020)

J&K: One Year Since Revocation of Special Status (4 August 2020)

Why in News:

Curfew was imposed across the valley on Tuesday as authorities apprehended violent protests in view of plans by separatists and Pakistan-sponsored groups to observe August 5, the first anniversary of revocation of Jammu and Kashmir's special status, as black day.


Police and CRPF personnel were deployed in strength across the valley to ensure that the plans of the separatists to disturb peace did not succeed. Police vehicles, fitted with public address systems, went around localities announcing imposition of strict curfew for two days.


On 5 August 2019, the Government of India revoked the special status, or limited autonomy, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.

The President of India issued an order under the power of Article 370, overriding the prevailing 1954 Presidential Order and nullifying all the provisions of autonomy granted to the state. The Home Minister introduced a Reorganisation Bill in the Indian Parliament, seeking to divide the state into two union territories to be governed by a lieutenant governor and a unicameral legislature.

The resolution seeking the revocation of the special status under Article 370 and the bill for the state's reorganisation was debated and passed by the Rajya Sabha – India's upper house of parliament – on 5 August 2019.On 6 August, the Lok Sabha – India's lower house of parliament – debated and passed the reorganisation bill along with the resolution recommending the revocation.

Summary of the Debate

Changes in J & k after the revocation of special status:

  • The number of terrorist incidents has come down around 30 to 40 percent.
  • The local recruitment has come down.
  • The infiltration level has come down because vigil on the border by army and the BSF is strict and very well coordinated.
  • Stone pelting incidents have come done drastically.
  • No major law and order situation happened in last one year.
  • The hawala money which was coming through the hurriyat which was distributed to the stone pelters and also for other notorious activities, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) has managed to choke it.
  • Forces like Hurriyat has become irrelevant.

Challenges faced in last one year:

  • A permanent internet facility cannot be denied to a huge population which is very essential in today’s life.
  • Because of the cutting of internet and mobile telephone system, there was slump during this period because no information was coming.
  • Pakistan will keep on trying to spread propaganda and information war in the valley and once the government opens up the communication from 2G to 4G, the challenge will increase further.
  • The major reason of youth of the region joining militancy is they are not getting employment opportunities.
  • There are no major industries in Kashmir.

The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 (November 2, 2019):

  • Reorganization of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into the two union territories – (Jammu and Kashmir + Ladakh).
  • The introduction of the bill was preceded by a presidential order under Article 370 of the Indian constitution that revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, and mandating, inter alia, that all the provisions of the Indian Constitution would be applicable to Jammu and Kashmir.
  • State Legislature including the Legislative Council of the State has been abolished and shall from now onwards be construed as “Legislative Assembly of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir”.
  • All the provisions of the constitution as amended from time to time have become applicable to the existing Jammu and Kashmir with effect from August 5, 2019.
  • Any notification issued or order, rule or appointment made during the period between the August 5, 2019 and October 31 are “required to be protected as if such actions have been taken in accordance with law”.
  • There are references in the state laws that have been applied to the expressions ‘permanent residents’ or ‘hereditary state subjects’ are now omitted.

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Way Forward:

  • Pressure on the Hurriyat by the NIA and other central agencies should continue, because they are the people who actually create the problem in the youth. So, they need to continue to be choked handled both legally and other terms also.
  • Before central laws there were some limitations on the local police to act, but after the abrogation of Article 370 that has gone. So, we need to work out a mechanism that when the political system comes how we can ensure the fair working of police so that they are not unduly interfered.
  • There are 168 MoUs which has been signed with the global players and almost 600 crore rupees of investment will come in.
  • 85000 employment vacancies are lying in Kashmir out of them 800 are of gazetted officer and the rest of them are non-gazetted. So, the youth who are not getting enough opportunities must be employed.
  • In the new situation the structure of governance even the local bodies need to be made vibrant now because terror has been created even among the minds of Sarpanch.
  • To ensure fruits of development reach the people and they should feel the difference.
  • Delinking not just the psychological, the information, the radicalization but even the financial and other kind of material that is being created and internationally propagated, because in Kashmir there are not just vested interest within the valley but there are vested interests all over the world who have been surviving on the Kashmir discourse for decades together and they have sold Kashmir issue to the world to collect money. So we have to deal with them as well.
  • The disillusioned youth will always be exploited by Pakistan, so the government must work on a multi-pronged strategy to stop this.
  • Need to stop weapons supply from Pakistan across the border.
  • Pressure and International isolation on Pakistan should continue.
  • Factories must come up and employment schemes should be generated.
  • Historic culture of Kashmir needs to be restored and retold to the next generation of J & K.

Important points made by the Guests

S. P. Vaid, Former Director General of Police, Jammu & Kashmir

  • Internal security wise it is doing well after the revocation of special status, but now we have politically, constitutionally and geographically integrated Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. Now it is time to emotionally also integrate people of Kashmir valley with the rest of India.
  • The overall situation is doing well because Kashmiris are generally emotional people and the young boys of Kashmir valley also have aspirations. They must be made to realize that their future lies in India and they have a great future in the coming days so that everyone in the valley is engaged in some kind of activity; whether in terms of tourism, in terms of infrastructure development in terms of the metro, in terms of various development projects like horticulture, floriculture, etc.
  • The important thing we need to ensure, whatever propaganda is propagated from across that is actually damaging young minds in Kashmir, so we need to come up with a technical solution to filter all radical material which coming from across and provocative material which is actually poisoning the minds of the youth.
  • The application of many central laws was actually denied earlier.
  • Roughly, 5 lakh people of West Pakistan refugees and valmikis and Gorkhas who were denied basic rights have integrated now and they are full citizens.
  • All India Cervices, central services and the right to settle were denied even after serving for three decades, now they will get these rights.
  • Let every people enjoy the right of the Internet and connectivity to the world, but we need to take care of technological solutions to check on Pakistan.
  • Political system one day we have to restore after all India is a democracy and election will be conducted may be after the delimitation is over.

Prafulla Ketkar, Editor, Organiser

  • 593 projects were lingering on for almost two and a half decades related to just road and bridges, these projects would be completed by 2021.
  • 111 projects costing more than 2000 crores of the budget already got completed this year by March 31st.
  • So from August to March 31st, there is a huge difference when it comes to the delivery mechanism.
  • We have granted domicile certificates to as many as more than 500 families who had come from immediately after 1947, then there were certain families who had come after 1965, ther were certain categories of people whether Gorkhas, valmikis, etc. got their permanent residence certificates.
  • The discourse has completely changed, now people are talking about the restoration of assembly and democratic representation.
  • The youth did not join the militant camp because they were unemployed, but the radicalization and vested interest ensure that the fruits of development do not reach to them so that they can join militant.
  • Entire discourse about J & K has been the challenge of ideas and it has been an ideological battle.

Maj. Gen. Ashwani Siwach (Retd.), Strategic Affairs Expert

  • Once the revocation was done and the special status of J & K was removed, there was apprehension that there will be some sort of internal disorder which will be backed by Pakistanis and the people will come out on street, but that has not happened at all, internally the situation was controlled very well.
  • As far as outside is concern, Pakistan is trying its best to send as many terrorist as possible because in the last one year, more than 200 terrorists have been eliminated and majority of eliminated terrorists were leaders of lashkar-e-taiba, jaish-e-mohammad and hijbul mujahiddin.
  • Inside the Kashmir, the radicalization has reduced in south Kashmir.
  • Now Pakistan is trying to send the fresh terrorists and especially the leadership which they were trying to infiltrate because 300 to 350 terrorists have been sitting on launch pad throughout the year and trying to find out the spot to infiltrate, that has not been successful, because our infiltration grid on the line of control has been very effective and the majority of the terrorists have been eliminated on LOC itself.
  • 6000 acres of land has been already identified by the state government where the 32 industrial towns will be established, which should be done now on the faster pace.


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