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Need for a Responsible Technology (17 February 2021)

Need for a Responsible Technology (17 February 2021)


  • Speaking at the National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) Technology and Leadership Forum event on Wednesday, the Prime Minister noted that:

  • How the tech sector had helped companies scale up to the digital challenge, and allowed employees to work from home during the unprecedented crisis, at the same time adding 4 billion dollars to its revenue at a time when there was degrowth all around.



  • The government of India has launched India’s National Artificial Intelligence Portal called

  • India is going to become of the first country in the world to implement a Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) Policy alike Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Role of technology in social good:

  • Innovation in artificial intelligence: AI for crop monitoring, whether it’s for weather management, whether it’s for fertilizer used has been playing an important role with many recommendable start-ups.
    • NASSCOM along with few start-ups are partnering with the central &state government in order to gear up various technological aspects.
  • Human capital and research:
    • Telemedicine: Governments giving boost in the telemedicine and national digital health mission.
    • Education: National education policy is not only about upskilling existing talent, is about how technology will become an important ingredient in the society.

Drawbacks of the technology:

  • Crime and Terrorism: During COVID-19 the increase in cybercrime was 86% as per captain tortoise. For their violent mission, terrorists use advanced technology.

  • Data Security: It can be very difficult to keep this data safe. Just a single breach can mean vast amounts of private information going into wrong hands.

  • Privacy Concerns:  Minor indiscretions can now haunt an individual for life when they're posted on the internet. Cases of sexual harassment using morphed photographs is increasing at an alarming rate.

  • Fake news: Spreading of fake news just like a spread of shield volcanoes which further leads to communal disharmony in the society.

Way Forward:

  • Strict implementation of laws: The rule of law of the land should be supreme. we can also follow the us model so that the one or two percent who are trying to misuse it should not harm the interest of the 98% of the people who want to use it for the betterment of the society.

    • Technological companies will also have to take responsibility with lucid rules, that’s where the government will have to be conscious and aware of it.

    • Ensure data security with a whole heartly implementation of public data protection bill.

    • Government of India should have to force the international tech giant in order to shift their server base in India according to the rule of law, in order to increase accountability.

  • Capital funding and Tax benefit measures: concessions in budget with regard to the extension of the tax debate to VC funds and also in the gfr norms, that needs to continue.

    • We need to ensure that we get up on the product space and to get up on the going beyond the services space.           

  • Awareness: an awareness campaign should be drive among the citizen about the digital privacy norms, cybercrime, phishing or bullying, cyber scam and so on.

  • Unbiased and sustainable use of technology: Multipronged approach and deploying technology responsibly by the tech industry players will create an Ethical, transparent and a self-regulatory environment in our country.


  • Democratization of technology has significantly increased the responsibility of using technology sensibly and also for the legitimate purpose world wide.

  • It should be within the confine of law, respecting mutual fundamental rights of every individuals and countries worldwide.

  • So adaptation of international ethical principals in the online space is the need of the hour.


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