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Youth at The Forefront of Nation Building (12 January 2021)

Youth at The Forefront of Nation Building (12 January 2021)


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the youth of the country to contribute selflessly and constructively in politics. Addressing the valedictory function of the second National Youth Parliament Festival on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said that politics is a big medium to bring about meaningful change, and like every other field, the presence of youth is critical in politics as well. He assured the youth that today, honest people are getting the opportunity to serve, changing the old notion of politics as a site of unscrupulous activities. In this context, he dwelled at length on the politics of dynasty, and called upon the youth to root out dynastic system. Invoking the teachings of Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary, Prime Minister Modi said the youth of the country has to come forward and take responsibility for the development of the nation.


A towering spiritual philosopher, Vivekananda was born in 1863 in Kolkata and is credited for popularising the Vedantic ideas.

January 12 is the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and is also observed as National Youth Day.

Summary of the Debate

Factors stopping talented capable youngsters from assuming leadership roles:

  • Over the period of time politics has become synonymous of corruption with unlawful activities going on.
  • There has always been a sort of indifference with regard to politics.
  • The youth was slightly cutoff because of the negative polarity of the entire ecosystem of the politics and that is where the youth have to come in to the picture again.
  • People using the surnames without any abilities and capabilities to promote themselves in politics.
  • The politics disconnect youth When the youth see that leaders are there only for making money out of politics and making politics as the profession whereas in USA, it is not a profession but professional comes in to politics after being in the profession and then they join politics.
  • One of the biggest hindrances is that generally parents look for a secure future for their son and daughter. The youngster themselves go to best institute or best colleges to find a place where they can secure future.
  • The best of the talent has either been going abroad or they are going in to industry, they are not looking at politics as a sustainable vocation where they can serve the country and at the same time, they can contribute to the society and also lead a comfortable life.
  • Because of the perception that the leadership created in the last many decades that only the rich and powerful can afford to come in to politics or if someone have unwanted kind of an image in the society and a muscleman in the society.

How is it possible to have more youth in to parliament?

  • Youth of this country need to be encouraged to join mainstream politics.
  • It is important that we create conditions which are conducive for the youth to come in to politics.
  • People in politics can come from the lower middle class, from backward segment of the society only if income is ensured.
  • There should be a collective efforts and institutional mechanism to groom the youth of this country.
  • Politics has to be full time and if the government want people from different segments of the society, unrepresented section of the society to be there, there is need to have a fallback option wherein their basic requirements are taken care of.
  • We need a kind of system today where people can come up to join the politics and it has to start from the school level and the college level.
  • Political parties themselves have to come up with institutional mechanism within their own structure and setup.

What role can the youth play in strengthening Indian polity and democracy?

  • More than 50 percentage of Indian people belong to the age below 35 years. This is a great hope for the nation.
  • The grassroots approach in solving the issues regarding the politics provide the perfect training ground for youth to understand the needs of the society and assist in the decision-making process.
  • Civil societies can play a crucial role in formulating opinion of youth and providing a platform for them to express their vision for the country.
  • The challenges and difficulties which the youth encounters in the world will help to compete in the different situation and to give a new shape to the Indian polity.


  • Vivekanand being the youth icon for more than a century, it was an appropriate and meaningful time for the PM to remind the youth of the country that they have to contribute to the nation building and to the nationalism and also for its selfless and meaningful contribution to the society. Dynastic politics is antagonistic to all these principles, it creates incapability, inefficiency and corruption.
  • To improve more participation of youth in politics, the election  commission,  governments,  educational institutions,  the  corporate sector, and NGOs have to come forward and provide the better opportunity and condition.

Important points made by the Guests

K.G. Suresh, Vice Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal

  • Politics used to be looked at very contemptuously, people with a lot of corrupt background, people with black money, people who are unscrupulous and even our mass media, particularly cinema is also shown them in a very poor light.
  • Over the years, the quality of politicians who are coming in to different political parties have not been up to the mark.
  • PM was giving equal emphasis when he invoked Swamiji in saying that we need young man who have muscles of iron nerves of steel, it means you need to have physical fitness because so far, the discourse has always been on intellectual abilities.
  • India needs to have an institutional mechanism. In USA, there are internship programs, the legislators taking youth as interns with them, giving them training and subsequently, the political parties, they groom them, they make them run for elections, they are trained in bureaucracy.
  • We have mixed up everything, we keep saying that politics is a service, don’t think about money, then you will only bring in the rich people, people with lots of money.

Desh Ratan Nigam, Political Analyst 

  • PM talks about trust of the youth where he says you have to developed that capability that leadership quality in you, you have to believe in team work and you have to take everybody along and that is where the Vivekanand also come in to the picture. Vivekanand talked about the Samajik Samrasta (social harmony) and how that can be achieve and one of the important pillars for achieving that is the youth of this country.
  • Politics is to serve people and to understand the aspirations of those people and to convert them in to implementable goals and then again serve the people.
  • To make politics as the sole earning platform is not what is required and that is what has to be told to the younger generation and younger generation is getting attracted to the politics. The government and political parties have to come together and trained these people.
  • The best conditions have to be created and those conditions has to be created now and we will see the result in couple of years that new generation and people will come and join politics.

Sanjay Singh, Senior Journalist

  • These are the young boys and girls who have been selected from various districts, various states, they have undergone through very transparent process thereby given a chance and selected and now they have joined in youth parliament.
  • Some good people who have certain degree of fire in their belly, they have aspirations about nation building, they have certain ideas on how nation and politics should be.
  • This is a very healthy initiative whereby when you get selected at this level, you also impact your peer group, friends’ group and families whereby people actually see that these are the guys, these are those who talented, some may not come to politics but they will have an idea of nation building about the contribution they can make and they will come and join politics.


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