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Science Monitor: 19 December, 2020

Science Monitor: 19 December 2020




  • Sixth edition of India international science festival which will begin on the 22nd of December will highlight history of science in India, invaluable science and technology contributions of India in every millennium.
  • An attempt will also be made to revive the age-old tradition of game development and toy making in India through a dedicated event on games and toys.  


  • India is the birthplace of science geniuses like Arya Bhatt, Charak, C.V. Raman, Dr. Kalam and many others and we take pride in their legacy and our scientific heritage.  
  • IISF will include an amalgamation of activities including lectures on Vedic mathematics and virtual tours of sites like jantar mantar and nehru planetarium.
  • There will be a special event on games and toys. Games and toys not only represent our childhood but also the development of human civilization they play an important role in the physical and cognitive development of every child.
  • IISF aims to revive the traditional knowledge of toy making and game development to make india a leader in this field. Legacy traces back to the Harapan civilization. They can explain many complicated science lessons to the children very easily with the help of simple toys that they used to play in everyday life.



  • Research work based on Raman spectra of carbon nanotube dimers has been published in an international science journal. It can play an important role in reducing the electricity or power transmission loss.
  • This is an exceptional achievement for a woman coming from a rural setup and her story can inspire many girls to pursue a career in STEM that is science technology engineering and mathematics.


  • Shahid Udham Singh government college of Haryana  is getting international recognition and the credit for this goes to Dr. Deepa Sharma.  Her in-depth research based on Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotube dimers has revealed many unknown facts about the vibrations of single-walled carbon nanotubes.
  • It is being considered a big breakthrough in the field of nano sciences.   
  • This is a novel material single word carbon nanotube dimer which has been recently discovered. Various vibrational configurations of this new material single wall carbon nanotube timer and we have discussed is its spectroscopic aspects in our paper.
  • If carbon nanotubes are brought near superconducting substances then the carbon nanotubes also develop superconducting properties.
  • If a single world carbon nanotube is brought in proximity of a superconductor then it acquires superconducting properties which can have immense applications in the field of saving electricity, in energy conservation also.


  • To create new applications  
  • Helpful in providing new ways to reduce electricity transmission loss  
  • Designing of carbon nanotubes can also be improved upon to increase the working capacity of electronic and optical devices  



  • Agri tech start-up co-founded by the students of IIT Guwahati and alumni of NIT Silchar, developed a multi-lingual smartphone application for farmers called Ag-Speak.
  • With this app the farmers can get information on up to 20 local crop parameters that can help the farmers to manage their crops in a better way.
  • The app was launched recently by the director of IIT Guwahati.


  • Agriculture is a demanding occupation timely management of crop fields needs continuous planning and identifying distress activities like crop diseases pest invasion etc needs seamless monitoring. If these issues are not resolved at the right time then the overall crop production can get affected.
  • In view of such problems faced by the farmers an Agri-tech start-up called Ag Spert. It will enable the farmers to remotely monitor their crops and manage their fields smartly.
  • It is trying to change the very basic behaviour by which farms are operated today across India by bringing in smart and data-driven intervention technologies that will help farmers predict outcomes or predict threats to their crops so their timely intervention can be made.
  • We are also trying to tackle that by providing services like soil testing and agriculture consultation through virtual mediums like video conferences and calls. It will help farmer better navigate what type of fertilizers they need.
  • Ag speak is driven by hyper local crop data coming from satellite and field mounted smart iot devices and sends alerts to farmers regarding local crop parameters like temperature rainfall sunlight hours soil conditions etc which are key indicators of crops health.
  • The start-up is also developing other high-tech and innovative products for the agriculture sector like a drone system for the large and commercial plantation firms which will help in automate scouting processes and in identifying areas of distress.

4. Science Express:


Watch: PSLV-C50 with communication satellite CMS-01 onboard launched by  ISRO | The News Minute

  • On 17th December ISRO launched its 42nd communications satellite CMS-01 the launch was carried out from the Sateesh Dhawan space centre aboard the PSLV c50 and it was the 52nd flight of the polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV).
  • CMS-01 will provide coverage over the entire country for disaster management and satellite internet connection.
  • It should be noted that this was the second launch mission of ISRO during the ongoing pandemic of CoviD 19.


  • On 14th December, space situational awareness control center was formally inaugurated by ISRO chairman Dr. K Sivan in view of the ever-growing population of space objects and debris left by many missions awareness and management of the space situation has become an integral part of safe and sustainable space operations.
  • ISOR laid the foundation stone of SSA control centre last year.  
  • The SSA centre set up at isro's telemetry tracking and command network premises in Bengaluru will function as a hub of all SSA activities within India.


  • According to IIT Hyderabad, triclosan used in everyday products like toothpaste and soap can severely affect the human nervous system.
  • Triclosan is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent which is used to increase the shelf life of products like toothpaste, soap and deodorant.
  • Study conducted has found that even a small quantity of this chemical can pose a serious threat to the quality of life as it affects the structure of the neurons.
  • The permissible limit of triclosan in India is 0.3 percent but prolonged use of products having triclosan even 500 times lower than the permissible limit can cause behavioural changes in humans.

4. TROPMET 2020:

  • Indian meteorological society organized a virtual symposium TROPMET 2020 on tropical meteorology from 14th to the 17th of December.
  • It deliberated on weather and climate services over mountainous regions including the complex region of the Himalayas.
  • They  gave details about Deployment of doppler weather radar DWR and automatic weather station AWS as well as the setting up of the Himansh observatory in the western Himalayas.


Computer Simulation Sheds Light on Supermassive Black Hole Mergers |  Astronomy |

  • NASA has shared images of super massive black holes in the process of merging in a galaxy called NGC 6240.
  • The image includes new x-ray data from chandra x-ray telescope that has been combined with an optical image from the Hubble telescope launched in 1999.
  • NASA’s chandra x-ray observatory can detect x-ray emissions from very hot regions of the universe exploding stars clusters of galaxies and matter around black holes.
  • According to NASA the merging black holes are 3 000 light years apart and the process of their merger began about 30 million years ago.
  • The merger will take place after millions of years from now.


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