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MAAREECH - Anti Torpedo Decoy System (23 July 2020)

MAAREECH - Anti Torpedo Decoy System (23 July 2020)


Indian Navy has inducted an advanced anti-torpedo decoy system called ‘Maareech’ that is capable of being fired from all frontline ships.

Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS)

  • It is a powerful torpedo countermeasure against the warships.
  • It has been developed in technological partnership with Indian DRDO and comprises of Reaction Management System (RMS) and Decoy Launchers.
  • The RMS interfaces with the Combat Management System, ASW FCS, Hull Mounted Sonar, and/or Towed Array SONAR and receives the torpedo track data.
  • Based on the track inputs, the FCS generates a reaction management solution for the ship, indicating the escape manoeuvre and instructions for deploying the decoys.
  • It is an important device because the ships always operated in the anti-submarine environment.


  • MAAREECH has been designed and developed indigenously by DRDO.
  • It is an Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) for surface ships.
  • This ATDS is capable of providing reliable defence mechanism against a possible torpedo attack by vintage as well as modern torpedoes.
  • It has both torpedo detection and countermeasure capability.
  • Its core functions include automatic detection, tracking and alert of incoming torpedoes and decoying of acoustic homing torpedoes.
  • Bharat Electronics Limited, a Defence PSU, would undertake the production of this decoy system. (Scheme of MAAREECH Advanced Torpedo Defence System given in the left box).

Mechanism of MAAREECH

  • Towed array sonar in MAAREECH is a passive sonar which is streamed into the water at back behind the ship (because then it is not affected by its own ship’s noise and is able to pick up many more targets).
    • Passive Towed array sonar means it does not transmit. It listen to sounds from the sea and passes out information onto the ship.
  • Sonar array is connected to the ships by the means of electrical cable and tow cable, which is connected to a winch system located on the rear of the ships. From there the signals pass to the onboard electronic system which is the signal processing displays, the fire control system etc.
  • From the processing display, the sonar detects the torpedo. (Diagram of MAAREECH system in the box given below).