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India Report on Digital Education, 2020

India Report on Digital Education, 2020


Human Resources and Development Minister released India Report on Digital Education, 2020.

About the Report:

  • The report elaborates on the innovative methods adopted by the Ministry of HRD.
  • It brings a better understanding of the various initiatives taken to facilitate remote learning and education for all by taking schools to the students.
  • The report has been prepared by the Digital Education Division of MHRD in consultation with the Education Departments of States and UTs.

Major digital initiatives by State Governments:

  • Rajasthan: SMILE (Social Media Interface for Learning Engagement)
  • Jammu: Project Home Classes in,
  • Chhattisgarh: Padhai Tunhar duvaar (Education at your doorstep)
  • Bihar: Unnayan Initiatives in through the portal and mobile application.
    • Bihar has launched Vidyavahini App with e-books for classes 1 to 12.
    • Under Unnayan Bihar Initiative, Bihar has also launched Mera Mobile Mera Vidyalaya for students and Unnayan Bihar Teacher App.
  • NCT of Delhi: Mission Buniyaad
  • Kerala:  educational TV channel (Hi-Tech school program),
  • Meghalaya: E-scholar portal as well as free online courses for teachers
  • Telangana: online certificate programs for teachers on ‘Management of mental well-being during COVID’.
  • Madhya Pradesh: Top Parent App, a free mobile app that empowers parents of young children (3-8 years) with knowledge and strategies around child development to help them meaningfully engages with their children.
    • KHEL (Knowledge Hub for Electronic Learning), a Game-Based Application has also been started, that covers class 1-3.
  • Uttarakhand is making use of the Sampark Baithak App through which primary school students can access animated videos, audios, worksheets, puzzles, etc.
  • Assam has launched the Biswa Vidya Assam Mobile Application for class 6 to 10.
  • Chandigarh: Phoenix Mobile application to assess the learning outcome for the students of class 1 to 8.
  • Maharashtra: Learning Outcomes Smart Q Mobile App to facilitate learning for students in the state.
  • Punjab: iScuela Learn Mobile Application for class 1 to 10.
  • Sikkim’s Edutech App connects all the schools of Sikkim under the State Education Department.
  • Tripura has an application titled ‘EmpowerU Shiksha Darpan’ in order to facilitate student’s appraisal.
  • Uttar Pradesh: 'Top Parent’ app targeting children from 3-8years age.
    • The application currently houses three high-quality EdTech apps for children – Simple, Maths Masti, and Google Bolo.

Source: AIR