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Accelerate Vigyan scheme

Accelerate Vigyan scheme


The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) has launched a new scheme called ‘Accelerate Vigyan’ (AV) to increase scientific research programs in the country.


  • Objective: To give more thrust on encouraging high-end scientific research and preparing scientific manpower, which can lead to research careers and knowledge-based economy. 
  • Vision: To expand the research base, with three broad goals, namely:
    • consolidation of all scientific programs,
    • initiating high-end orientation workshops, and
    • creating opportunities for research internships for those who do not have access to such resources.

Components of the scheme:

  • ABHYAAS program: It is an attempt to boost research and development by enabling and grooming potential PG/Ph.D. students by means of developing their research skills in selected areas across different disciplines or fields.
    • Accelerate Vigyan scheme has already called for applications under its ‘ABHYAAS’ component for the Winter Season.
    • It has two components: High-End Workshops (‘KARYASHALA’) and Research Internships (‘VRITIKA’). It is important for those researchers who have limited opportunities to access such learning capacities.
    • The current call for applications invites researchers for the winter season (Dec 2020-Jan 2021) ‘KARYASHALA’ and ‘VRITIKA’
  • SAMMOHAN: It has been sub-divided into ‘SAYONJIKA’ and ‘SANGOSHTI’.
    • SAYONJIKA is an open-ended program to catalog the capacity building activities in science and technology supported by all government funding agencies in the country.
    • SANGOSHTI is a pre-existing program of SERB.

Importance of the scheme:

  • The database of skilled manpower will serve the cause of all stakeholders in respect of capacity building in the country.
  • The scheme also seeks to garner the social responsibility of the scientific community in the country.
  • The AV platform is expected to be a game-changer for developing career paths and providing support to catalog the development of skilled manpower.

 The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB):

  • It is a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament.


  • Serve as a premier agency for planning, promoting, and funding of internationally competitive research in emerging areas.
  • Identify major inter-disciplinary research areas, and individuals, groups, or institutions and funding them for undertaking research.
  • Assist in setting up infrastructure and environment for scientific pursuit.
  • SERB gives special attention to young scientists below the age of 35 years (relaxable by 5 years in the case of SC/ST/OBC, woman, and physically handicapped category) to undertake independent research in the area of science and engineering. 

Way forward:

Accelerate Vigyan scheme focuses on scientific research, infrastructure development which is very crucial for the new research and overall development of the nation. The scheme will also help other government programs like the Atal Tinkering lab in promoting scientific culture in the country.

Source: PIB