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Operation Pangea XIV

Operation Pangea XIV


  • More than 1.10 lakh web links, including websites and online marketplaces, have been taken down in an operation against the sale of fake and illicit medicines and medical products.

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Key Details:

  • The operation involved the police, customs and health regulatory authorities of 92 countries.

  • Coordinated by: Code-named “Operation Pangea XIV”, the exercise was coordinated by Interpol.

  • Indian agencies CBI also participated in the operation.

  • The operation resulted in 1,13,020 web links being closed down or removed, the largest since the first “Operation Pangea” conducted in 2008.

  • Outcome: Arrest of 277 suspects and seizure of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals worth over $23 million.

  • COVID-19 pandemic: It showed that criminals were continuing to cash in on the huge demand for personal protection and hygiene products due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operations in different Countries:

  • United Kingdom: Apart from the seizure of some three million fake medicines and devices worth over $13 million, the authorities removed more than 3,100 advertising links for the illegal sale and supply of unlicensed medicines, and shut down 43 websites.

  • Venezuela: A person in Venezuela was arrested for developing an e-commerce platform on WhatsApp to sell illicit medicines.

  • Italy: In Italy, authorities recovered more than 500,000 fake surgical masks as well as 35 industrial machines used for production and packaging.

  • “As the pandemic forced more people to move their lives online, criminals were quick to target these new ‘customers’.

Source: The Hindu