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Advisory For Advertisers For Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports On TV

Advisory For Advertisers For Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports On TV


Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory for Advertisers For Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports On TV.


  • It provides that all private satellite TV channels stating that no advertisement should present online gaming for real money winnings as an income opportunity or an alternative employment option.
  • As per the ASCI guidelines, no gaming advertisement may depict any person under the age of 18 years engaged in playing an online game for real money winnings or suggest that such persons can play these games.
  • According to the advisory, private television channels will have to follow the guidelines issued by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).
  • All broadcasters are advised that the guidelines issued by ASCI are complied with and advertisements broadcast on television adhere to the guidelines of the ASCI.


  • The ministry had come to notice that a large number of advertisements on online gaming, fantasy sports, among others, have been appearing on television, and concerns were expressed that such advertisements appear to be misleading.
  • The concerns were expressed that such advertisements appear to be misleading and do not correctly convey to the consumers the financial and other risks associated.

Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI):

  • ASCI was established in 1985 and committed to the cause of Self-Regulation in Advertising.
  • It is a voluntary self-regulatory council, registered as a not-for-profit Company under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act.
  • It is aimed at ensuring the protection of the interests of consumers.
  • ASCI’s goals include monitoring, administering, and promoting standards of advertising practices in India with a view to:
    • ensuring truthfulness and honesty of representations and claims made through advertising and safeguarding against misleading advertising.
    • ensuring that advertising is not offensive to generally accepted norms and standards of public decency.
    • safeguarding against indiscriminate use of advertising for promotion of products or services which are generally regarded as hazardous to society or to individuals or which are unacceptable to society as a whole.
    • ensuring that advertisements observe fairness in competition and the canons of generally accepted competitive behavior.

Source: PIB