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Kritagya Hackathon

Kritagya Hackathon


A hackathon named “KRITAGYA” has been planned by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under the National Agricultural Higher Education Project.

  • Objective: To promote potential technology solutions for enhancing farm mechanization with special emphasis on women-friendly equipment.


  • KRI-TA-GYA explains KRI for Krishi (Agriculture), TA for Taknik (Technology), and GYA for Gyan (Knowledge).
  • It is planned by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under the National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP).
  • It is an Ag-Tech Hackathon to promote innovation in farm mechanization.
  • It is a joint initiative by NAHEP and Agricultural Engineering Division.


  • Students, faculties, and innovators/entrepreneurs from any university / technical institution across the country can apply and participate in the event in the form of a group.
  • In one group maximum of 4 participants can compete, with not more than one faculty and/or more than one innovator or entrepreneur.
  • Participating students can collaborate with local start-ups, students from technology institutes, and can win Rs. 5 lakhs, Rs 3 lakhs, and Rs. 1 lakh as first, second and third prize. 


  • The development and promotion of women-friendly equipment through innovative technology solutions would play an important role in enhancing farm productivity and profitability.
  • This event will give an opportunity to the students, faculties, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other stakeholders to showcase their innovative approaches and technology solutions to promote farm mechanization in India.
  • The initiative will also help in enhancing the learning capabilities, innovations, and disruptive solutions, employability, and entrepreneurial drive in the Farm Mechanization sector.
  • The event will also help in taking forward the vision of high-quality higher education with equity and inclusion as envisaged in NEP-2020.

National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP):

  • It was launched in 2017 by the Government of India with the support of the World Bank.
  • It has been formulated by ICAR with a total cost of US$ 165 million for five years starting from 2017-18.
  • Objective: To support the National Agricultural Research and Education System in providing more relevant and better quality education to the students.
  • The project aims to develop resources and mechanisms for supporting infrastructure, faculty, and student advancement and providing means for better governance and management of agricultural universities.

Source: The Hindu