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Mission Karmayogi

Mission Karmayogi


Union Cabinet has approved Mission Karmayogi for Civil Services Capacity Building. The program is in line with India's vision of how a civil servant should be tomorrow. 

  • Mission Karmayogi is a national program to lay the foundation for the capacity building for civil servants so that they remain entrenched in Indian culture while learning from best practices across the world.
  • Objective: To prepare Indian Civil Servants for the future by enabling them to become more creative, innovative, professional, progressive, constructive, imaginative, transparent, proactive, energetic, and technology-enabled.

Mission Karmayogi:

  • It aims to focus on capacity building of individual civil servants as well as institutional capacity building. 
  • Under the Programme an Integrated Government Online Training-iGOT Karmayogi Platform will be set up.

Key Action Points:

  • The National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building will: 
  • Prescribe the Annual Capacity Building plan for all departments and services.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Capacity Building Plan.
  • Will ensure efficient service delivery
  • Promote Technology-Driven Learning Pedagogy
  • Strengthen Common Foundations and remove department silos.
  • Set benchmarks in learning for public servants. 


  • Mission Karmayogi will make civil servants more efficient, responsive, and accountable to the needs of the citizens by ensuring that the right person with the right competencies is in the right position.

Mission Karmayogi comprises the following institutional framework:

  • A Public Human Resources Council: It will be comprising of Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, HR practitioners, thinkers, global thought leaders, and Public Service functionaries under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister. 
    • The council will serve as the apex body for providing strategic direction to the task of Civil Services Reform and capacity building.
  • Capacity Building Commission: It will be set up to ensure a uniform approach in managing and regulating the capacity building ecosystem on a collaborative and co-sharing basis.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle for owning and operating the digital assets and the technological platform for online training.

Source: PIB