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Daily Category  (Economic Development)

The Hydrogen Economy – New Delhi Dialogue 2021


  • A Hydrogen Roundtable titled “Hydrogen Economy- the Indian Dialogue-2021” was organised in a virtual mode on 15th April, 2021.

Dharmendra Pradhan on Twitter:

Hydrogen Economy- the Indian Dialogue-2021:

  • Aim: To discuss emerging hydrogen ecosystems and exploring opportunities for collaboration, cooperation and coalition.

  • Organised by: The Energy Forum (TEF) and the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI), under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

  • Objective: To understand the progress of Hydrogen ecosystem across continents and developing innovative and sustainable technologies at attractive costs.

  • This high-level roundtable conference will be led by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel.

  • The Hydrogen Roundtable will be having 25 panelists from15 countries, discussing the potential of Hydrogen from multiple sources and its relevance in national energy transitions.

  • The Roundtable is expected to have around 3000 participation around the globe. Event can be accessed from, from 2 pm (IST) on 15 April 2021.


  • Climate commitments: As the world chases its international climate commitments, Hydrogen is gaining increasing importance as a source to bridge energy gaps.

  • Hydrogen Roundtable: First of its kind, will comprise a High-level Ministerial Session, followed by Panel Discussions by eminent policy makers, experts and industry leaders from different geographical regions of the world.

  • It will focus on policy roadmaps and mapping demand and supply of Hydrogen.




  • Union Commerce and Industry Minister inaugurated e-SANTA, an electronic marketplace providing a platform to connect aqua farmers and the buyers.


  • The term e-SANTA was coined for the web portal, meaning Electronic Solution for Augmenting NaCSA farmers' Trade in Aquaculture.

  • It was launched by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

  • It will enable the farmers to get a better price and the exporters to directly purchase quality products from the farmers enhancing traceability, a key factor in international trade.

  • National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (NaCSA) is an extension arm of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

  • e-SANTA will raise income, lifestyle, self-reliance, quality levels, traceability, and provide new options for our aqua farmers.

  • e-SANTA is a completely paperless and end-to-end electronic trade platform between Farmers and exporters.


  • The Minister said that e-SANTA is a Digital Bridge to end the market divide and will act as an alternative marketing tool between farmers & buyers by eliminating middlemen.

  • It will revolutionize traditional aquafarming by providing cashless, contactless and paperless electronic trade platform between farmers and exporters.

  • e-SANTA can become a tool to advertise collectively the kind of products the buyers, fishermen & fish producing organisations are harvesting.

  • The Platform is available in many languages, which will help the local population.

  • The platform will change the traditional way of carrying out business from a word of mouth basis to become more formalised & legally binding.

  • e-SANTA will RAISE the lives & income of farmers by:

    • Reducing Risk

    • Awareness of Products & Markets

    • Increase in Income

    • Shielding Against Wrong Practice

    • Ease of Processes


India Energy Dashboards (IED) Version 2.0


  • With an aim to provide single-window access to the energy data for the country, Niti Aayog launched India Energy Dashboards (IED) Version 2.0.

The India Energy Dashboards Version 2.0 was launched by NITI Aayog.

India Energy Dashboards (IED):

  • IED is an initial step towards building a comprehensive, open and freely accessible energy data portal for India, Saraswat added.

  • Central energy database: Niti Aayog said that it is an endeavour to establish a central energy database of the country.

  • Demand and Supply Matching: With the rise of renewables and many other new energy technologies, the interplays between energy supply and demand sectors are now becoming increasingly critical.

  • Cross-ministerial coordination: A strong cross-ministerial coordination of all the energy ministries is required for planning and policy implementation.

The key features:

  • The IED provides time series data from FY 2005-06 until FY 2019-20;

  • Enhanced data download – It enables easy downloading of data into convenient spreadsheet formats in a cleaner, more intuitive way;

  • IED provides data at sub-yearly frequencies as well.

  • This includes monthly data and API linked data from some portals maintained by the government agencies.

  • The monthly data: It is sourced from the monthly reports that are regularly published for the electricity, petroleum and natural gas sectors.

  • API linked data: From Saubhagya, UJALA, PRAAPTI, and Vidyut PRAVAH has been incorporated in the portal;

  • A ‘Feedback and Suggestions’ forum for the engagement of energy data user community has been incorporated;

  • Periodic updates: A semi-automated workflow/ issue-tracking system for managing periodic updates to the IED.


DGFT Trade Facilitation App


  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry launches “DGFT Trade Facilitation App” for Providing instant access to Exporters/Importers any-time any-where.